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We pay cash for hardwood trees in western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia

Why Choose M & M Logging to Buy Your Timber

We welcome the opportunity to quote you top dollar for your mature hardwood (not pine or spruce) trees –

  • that are at least 18” in diameter (across) at the base (6” to 8” from the ground).
  • are in wooded tracts of at least 20 acres.

You can confidently trust M & M Logging to price fairly and conscientiously harvest your timber:

  • There is no charge for evaluating your timber and providing you with a price proposal.
  • We give you a firm fixed price up front.
  • The transaction is risk free. We pay you one half the quoted value upon the agreement to buy and the other half before cutting the first tree.
  • We have over 45 years of experience buying timber and have earned the respect of hundreds of land owners.
  • Our skilled Amish loggers care about natural habitat and wildlife. They will respect your woods.
  • Our methods minimize damage to your property and enhance the habitat for wildlife. After logging, we grade and seed damage to the land.
  • We answer your questions honestly and address your concerns.

Our Values …

We treat people honestly, fairly and the way we want to be treated. 

We treat your property with respect.

Harvesting mature trees makes sense

Timber is a renewable resource and cash crop that will renew itself if correctly harvested. Select cutting of larger trees enables the rapid growth of younger trees, thus increasing the long term value of the woods. Overly mature trees will die of old age, diminishing the value of the property.

We pay top dollar for mature hardwood trees in the
following Western Pennsylvania counties:


We pay top dollar for mature hardwood trees in the
following Northern West Virginia counties:

  • OHIO
  • WOOD